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Rent Oxygen Cylinder

Rent Oxygen Cylinder

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rental Rate: Deposit 00.00
Weekly: 3000.00
Monthly: 60000.00
Home Delivery & Cylinder refill: 700
Medical Oxygen cylinder Linde BOC all set selling price: 20000.00
Cylinder Capacity: 2200 liters
NOTE: If you want to return then we will gave you 50?sh back offer. (Condition apply)

Medical Oxygen cylinder China all set selling price: 15000.00
Cylinder Capacity: 2000 liters
NOTE: If you want to return then we will gave you 50?sh back offer. (Condition apply)

**Prescription Required**
Concentrator Features:
The cell cart is slender and light with wheels that make it very easy to move around anyplace the affected person needs to move. The telescoping handles pulls up for clean pulling at some point of transport or can be folded down out of the manner at the same time as sitting or storing. The unit is equipped to offer a pulse dose or for non-stop flow of oxygen. The concentrator includes the unit, AC/DC strength deliver, sporting case, accent bag, cart, cannula and operations guide.

Oxygen Rental:
We provides oxygen cylinder tank rental. Our store fully stocks oxygen tanks including B Tanks, C Tanks, and E Tanks; all are available for a monthly rental. The rental tanks come with oxygen regulator and a new nasal cannula. All of our rental tanks are in good condition, inspected regularly, and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every rental.

We offer two options in renting out an oxygen tank. Option A has an O2 regulator that only has a continuous flow of oxygen. Option B has an O2 conservative device that allows a pulse dose of oxygen.
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